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Deborah Schultz on the Relationship Economy

As a blogger here and and SAtechBLOG and 3Screens, I often scratch my head, or spend a whole lot of time explaining to people why I blog and how it benefits our business.

Has blogging brought in "more" business?

Sort of.  We now have clients like Ben Trowbridge and Mark Collier who blog.

In my struggle to better define why I blog and what it means to me, I ran across a post from Deborah Schultz, who is a blogger that I met last summer and wound up being a guest speaker at my PR Newswire Seminar in Tel Aviv.

Deborah talks about the benefits of what she calls The Relationship Economy and links to a post by Doc Searls on the subject.

My take? The Relationship Economy its own currency, based on building relationships, forming communities and creating new market opportunities.

Check out Deborah’s post and blog.

Worth Reading.


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