Israel: 054-321-6176 / USA - 210-820-3070

Currently in Israel

I am now in Israel visiting clients, prospective clients, friends and family.

The biggest shock of landing here was that my all-mighty dollar….well, isn’t so all-mighty.

Last summer when I was here, the exchange rate was about 4.20 Shekels to 1 dollar.  Now I can get about 3.40 Shekels to my Dollar — not a good thing for Americans coming over here, let alone for Israeli exporters.  An even the Israeli government got into the act to show its support of the Dollar by buying millions of Dollars as a sign of its faith in the Greenback.

If you are trying to reach me….

In Israel dial:  050-815-4298
From the U.S. dial: +972-50-815-4298

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