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How I Got Coverage on my iPhone Display @ WalMart Video. And What I’ve Learned From Pitching.

While I do PR for clients, I am also my own client.

Over at my other blog,, I sent several pitches right after I shot the video on a Sunday morning.

So far, there's been coverage in Engadget, Switched, iPhoneAlley, iPhoneVenueO'Grady's PowerPage and TheiPhoneBlog

So how did I do this?

Mostly logic.  And a bit of time.

I go to individual blogs appropriate to the space I am pitching (in this case, blogs and news sites that cover gadgets, the iPhone, Apple, wireless phones and of course, WalMart.)

Most of these sites have a news tips section.  I fill in the information, with a short and concise pitch and hopefully, the coverage comes.

These sites never sleep.

I shot my video on a Sunday morning and by 11 AM I was filling in the forms on the news sites I was pitching. 

Within an hour, I starting seeing an uptick in traffic.

Something else I have learned:  Christmas time is a great time to pitch.  The media is still awake and while there may not be a whole lot of "news" going on, it also means there is less competition for the hearts and minds of the media who are looking for interesting and fun content to thrill and inform their readers with.

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