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Countdown to VON and CTIA Continues

We are continuing to get appointments with analysts and journalists for the VON and CTIA Show for our clients,, AudioCodes, and Discretix.

We are in the Show Dailies for both events since we have already submitted our news releases in advance.  I guess if I could do a word search for the most commonly used word used in this blog, I suppose it would be "advance."  It’s real simple: the sooner you get your news out to key journalists for major product announcements and trade shows, the better your chances of coverage.

And the good thing is that even if your releases are not 100% done, you can still submit them because journlaists are looking for core, basic, news.  What are you announcing? Why does this matter?  How does it fit into the scheme of the show?  How are you breaking new ground?  How is this timely?  How do you lead? 

These are the things to think through when writing your news releases and pitching coverage for tradeshows.

Good luck!

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