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CopperGate Demonstrates IPTV Over Existing Home Wiring

Our client, CopperGate Communications, announced that along with Amino Communications and ReadyLinks, they will be demonstrating a solution for distribution and display of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) over existing home wiring at the Connections Conference and Showcase May 11-13, 2005 in San Francisco.

The demonstration showcases a cost effective solution developed by Amino and ReadyLinks for directly connecting IP set-top boxes to HomePNA 3 multimedia networks over coax cable or phonelines.

This is a very cool demonstration and it shows the reality that Amino and ReadyLinks have put together an elegant and effective set-top box product that simplifies the deployment of IP TV services. The demonstration uses Amino set-top boxes and ReadyLinks SmartFoot adapters, which incorporate CopperGate’s CopperStream chipset, in a network carrying multiple video streams in addition to best effort data at rates of 128Mbps over a hybrid phoneline/coax network.

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