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Contributed Stories Positions You as an Expert: AudioCodes Coverage in “Converged Network Digest”

Contributed stories positions you an expert in your particular space.  We’ve been working with Converged Network Digest and have successful sold a contributed story for our client, AudioCodes.

If you want to contribute a story keep in mind the following:

1. Make it exclusive

2. Prove your expertise and have a senior level executive be the contributor.

3.  Provide a short backgrounder on the executive who will be writing the story.

4.  Make sure you see other contributed stories that have been in the publication and how they were written.

5. Develop a short, concise abstract outlining what want you want to write about.

6.  If your story idea is accepted, make sure you write it in a tutorial format, and don’t make what you have to say a commercial about your company.

7.  Meet your deadline.

8.   Buy reprints and promote them as sales literature and part of your collateral.


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