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Compass Intelligence Analyst, James Brehm, Chimes in on CNBC

Over the last 15 years, Telecom and Technology Industry Analyst, James Brehm and I would run into each other on airplanes.  We’d generally be coming back to San Antonio from Jeff Pulver’s VON Show, or just crossing paths as our lives were running parellel tracks – he analyzing and predicting a future and myself, trying to help my clients create the future.


Compass Intelligence Senior Strategist, James Brehm

Back then, it was mostly enterprise stuff, heavy duty carrier gateways, the transition to enterprise IP Voice and then Data and then security and on and on. We’d occassionally meet for lunch at Central Market, compare notes and bid each other farewell, until the next big thing.

Today, James was on CNBC with a year-end wrap up of what to expect from Apple in 2012. As usual, James provided great insight and great context on what’s to come.

Most recently with Frost & Sullivan and now moving over to Compass Intelligence, we’re now both officing at a very special place called Geekdom, on the 11th floor of the Weston Centre.

While its name, Geekdom, and its mission of being a collaborative workpace is serving many startups and the new class of TechStars Cloud, there is a group of us like James and myself, who are either analysts, professional service providers, consultants or in my case, a PR advisor to technology companies.

There’s more people like James who are becoming part of the Geekdom ecosystem, where we’re all being inspired with the opportunity to share knowledge, help each other, and learn from a new generation of builders, makers and creatives, who are bringing what’s next, to reality.



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