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Coming to #SXSW 2012 – 3/9-18: “i: Made in Israel” – Tel Aviv Beach Party, 7 Bands, 30 Companies, and More Israeli Innovation at SXSW 2012

 i: Made in Israel – Brings Tel Aviv Beach Party, Café, Showcases, et al to SXSW 

WHEN/WHERE March 9-18, 2012 with showcases, panels, and collaborations throughout the festival
March 12-15: Beachside Café at the Tradeshow; Booths # 1110 – 1114, Austin Convention Center; 500 East Cesar Chavez Street
March 16: Tel Aviv Beach Party at Brush Square Park, 439 Neches Street
Various Times and Venues for Showcases and Panels 
WEB: + Twitter: @iMadeInIsrael +
MEDIA:             Contact David Wyatt at or 512/904.9928

“i: Made in Israel” at SXSW announces
Tel Aviv Beach Party, Beachside Café at the Tradeshow, Showcases, and More
Nation to make big splash with buzz bands, tech start-ups, and lots of Israeli-style recreation

This March, the 250,000 people expected at South by Southwest (SXSW) will discover the latest Israeli exports. Israel plans to make a big splash at SXSW in Austin, Texas from March 9 – 18 with 7 bands, 30+ tech start-ups, a 30-foot wide tradeshow booth café—all culminating in an all-day Tel Aviv Beach Party in Brush Square Park across from the Austin Convention Center. The nearly 75 Israeli creatives and innovators are traveling over 7,000 miles to join the throngs who flock to SXSW to shape and discover brands.

Buzz bands J. Viewz, I.U.D.M, Acollective, Yael Kraus, My Sweet Canary Ensemble, and DJ Erez Ben Ishay along with over 30 tech start-ups such as AnyClip, Brandsforce, Crazedigital, Dopa Music, InstruMagic, JamStar, Kaltura, LivinGrid, Pops, Rounds, and Serendip Media will travel halfway around the world to showcase a sampling of the vibrant Israeli scene for global entertainment industry leaders, influencers, and fans assembled at SXSW 2012.

Beachside Café at the Tradeshow, March 12 – 15
Monday through Thursday, meetings, deals, demos, and talks will be taking place at i: Made in Israel’s 30-foot wide “Beachside Café at the Tradeshow” which will feature tables with coffee service, an idea bar for demos by the Israeli start-ups/bands/dignitaries, and an enormous hand-painted mural by Fuzzy Popcycle. Meetings can be scheduled through (a smartphone and QR code optimized site developed by Walking Papers Media) or arranged on the fly.

DJ Erez Ben Ishay 11 – 11:30
Acollective 12 – 1 
J. Viewz 1:30 – 2:30
Mother Falcon – 3 – 3:30
DJ Erez Ben Ishay 4 – 5
Yael Kraus 5:30 – 6:30
I.U.D.M – 7 – 8p

Tel Aviv Beach Party: Friday, March 16 11a – 8p
i: Made in Israel is throwing a SXSW Official “Tel Aviv Beach Party” complete with live sets by Israeli bands, drinks, Israeli snacks, umbrellas, loungers, cabanas, and seaside activities like Matkot – a paddle/ball game played along the Mediterranean shoreline. There will also be beach-themed giveaways and special guests. For those without an official badge, a limited quantity of required, ‘special access’ wristbands will be released via social media and and distributed at a time/place TBA during SXSW.

Music Showcases   
Seven bands will be performing: From electronica to pop, indie to rock, contemporary to metal, the industry can discover Israel’s premier bands—J. Viewz, I.U.D.M, Acollective, Balkan Beat Box, My Sweet Canary Ensemble, Yael Kraus, DJ Erez Ben Ishay, and special appearances by local artists Mother Falcon, et. al.
Acollective—Formed in 2008, Acollective is a 7-piece band and social movement. Since 2009 they have toured and lived between Israel, France and the UK, quickly earning a local following and a reputation for show-stopping concerts, wherever they are, with a mesmerizing live experience, a mayhem of whisky, sweat, and a seemingly infinite arsenal of genres and musical instruments – mixing up boogied-folk, electronic-jazz and a Middle Eastern-bluesy twang. Official Showcase: March 14, at 8:00 pm at The Loft; Unofficial: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach Party.
Balkan Beat Box—The band built their reputation on a Mediterranean-inflected, globalized electronica sound as well as explosive live shows. Brimming over with handcrafted beats and samples, their latest album Give was conceived of as a smaller, more introverted album, with a harder-edged, electronic sound. The songs and their subjects are also kind of darker and more political. Official Showcase: Friday, March 16 at 12:45 am at Speakeasy.
DJ Erez Ben Ishay—Characterized by his unique taste in electronic music and his love for funky Latin beats, DJ Erez Ben Ishay has created a fresh niche style in the House music genre. A staple of Tel Aviv’s night life scene, he has played at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride & Montreal pride 2011, as well as other major venues in Amsterdam, New York, São Paulo, Las Vegas, Quebec City, and more. Unofficial Showcase: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach Party.
I.U.D.M.—Seven-piece I.U.D.M. is one of Israel’s most successful metal-rock bands, earning multiple platinum and gold albums, reaching number one for a variety of singles. I.U.D.M’s success has paved the way to sharing stages with international acts such as Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. Official Showcase: March 14 / 10 pm / The Loft; Unofficial: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach Party.
J. Viewz—This multi-genre electronic project is brought together under the direction of Israel-born and recently Brooklyn-based producer Jonathan Dagan. The new Grammy-nominated album Rivers and Homes recently received some positive attention from NPR and the Wall Street Journal. J.Viewz live act takes multiple forms and in 2011-2012 the band will be touring as a 4-piece ensemble. Currently, their single “Salty Air” is currently featured in the Revlon commercial starring Halle Berry; Official Showcase: March 17 at Karma Lounge; Unofficial: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach Party.
My Sweet Canary Ensemble – A performance based on the film “My Sweet Canary”, a musical biography of the life of Rosa Eskenazi – the Greek Jewish vocalist with a rich repertoire of Greek, Turkish and Ladino songs – makes its SXSW debut. Three vocalists will perform Eskenazi’s songs: Yiota Negka from Greece, Mehtap Demir from Turkey and Mor Karbasi from Israel. Official Showcase: March 14 / 7:30 pm / Central Presbyterian Church; Unofficial: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach
Yael Kraus – Singer / songwriter from Tel Aviv, Kraus has been the front-woman in the art-rock group “Panic Ensemble,” with seven other musicians lead by Roy Yarkoni. Her most popular project was “Bussa”, a cover-version album of popular Israeli songs, performed in Brazilian Bossa Nova style. The album was released on NMC Music, Israel’s largest music label. After the release of two albums as the lead singer, Kraus decided to move on to create her own material, releasing her debut solo album “Boutique”. Official Showcase March 17 10:00 pm; Unofficial: March 16th at the Tel Aviv Beach Party.

Over 30 tech start-ups will be traveling from Israel to Austin to create partnerships and deals as well as broadened user bases. The nation is ranked 1st for total expenditure on R&D and technology giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Motorola, Cisco, GE, Google, Alcatel, Samsung, LG, Phillips, Siemens, and Nokia have R&D and regional business centers in Israel. Participating companies are: 
  • AdventureMob
  • AnyClip
  • Artizone
  • Bites
  • Brandforce
  • Carmel Ventures
  • Conduit
  • Craze Digital
  • DoAT
  • Dopa Music
  • Gemini Venture Capital
  • haaretz themarker
  • Hashtag Art
  • instruMagic
  • Interlude
  • IsraelGives
  • Jam Star
  • Kaltura
  • Live U
  • Livingrid
  • Macadamia Apps
  • Pops
  • ROI Community
  • Rounds
  • S-Curve Records
  • Serendip Media
  • Shaker
  • The Rhodium Group
  • Tracx
  • Vidit 


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