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Coming Soon to My Other Blog, 3Screens: Beer and Wine at Our Editorial Offices

Living in San Antonio, and running my business, I really do have a proper office where I do my "day job," and serve my clients.

But before I go to work, and soon, after work – and into the late
evenings where I write much of my other blog, 3Screens, we’ll will not only have
egg tacos and coffee for breakfast meetings, but beer, wine and much
more for meeting over dinner.

The "office" is based at the Olmos Soda Fountain, which used to be called The Olmos Pharmacy.
The Pharmacy went out of business and in its place, a combination of a
beer and wine bar will soon open on the other side of the soda fountain.

Our office will soon be re-open as The Olmos Barmasphy (get it – bar and pharmacy). 

If you are a member of the media, an industry analyst
or financial analyst coming to San Antonio to meet with AT&T execs,
my home and now my evening office – complete with beer and wine is now
available to you.

We should be live and in person in about 2 weeks.  More to come!

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