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Come See My Photos on Exhibit This Friday During FOTOSEPTIEMBRE

This is a personal post.

Nothing to do with business, clients, messaging, blogging, strategy, etc.

This coming Friday night, I will have seven black and white photos on exhibit at Robot Art Gallery during a city wide SAPHOTO event in conjunction with FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA 2007.  More about the exhibit here.

Whenever I travel for fun or business, I always carry my Nikon D80 and assorted lenses.   En route to meetings, or just taking a leisurely walk, I keep my eye open for interesting moments- with a focus on interesting people who catch my eye. 

As a rule, I don’t have time to frame the shot, focus, let alone ask subject to pose. I point and shoot in rapid-fire sequence, hoping to have captured the moment.

I try to look for the absurd, an oddity, a caricature of life, or just a colorful and photogenic person who may have an interesting story to tell in the texture, color or expression – of the moment.

The above photo was shot on location in Havana, Cuba when I was there in April of ’06.  I will have photos of interesting and colorful people from travels to Israel, New York, Moscow and Havana.

If you are in San Antonio, or if you will be in San Antonio this weekend, please come by gallery, and ask for me.  Prices are $125 per photo and come framed and signed by the artist — me!

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006  –  All Rights Reserved


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