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Codifying What’s Good: Rubberit Helps Women Buy Condoms Online in Mexico

It would stand to reason that men would be the ones who should be responsible for having a condom when it comes to their sexual health, and responsibility.  May Alba and her brother, Sebastian realized that cultural, religious and cultural tabus in Mexico can make it harder for young adults to buy condoms in a store, which is what inspired the creation of their startup, Rubberit.

Now part of the MexicanVC (recently acquired by 500 Startups) program, Rubberit was one of the 6 companies that I had a chance to work with during my visit to Mexico City.

Branded in Pink

When you visit the Rubberit site, you’ll see that it’s clearly branded towards women.

May shared with me her personal experiences of other women friends who she has lost to aids and other sexual diseases.  Growing up as a child, she was always involved in charity work, and as a young adult, worked at an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

Solving Local Problems That Can Scale Worldwide

Rubberit is initially aimed at women in Mexico, and the company’s model can scale worldwide.   Mexico has a population of 112 million; and the global, Spanish-speaking universe is close to 500 million.  The name Rubberit is universal.  The company’s subscription service, relationships with major condom manufactures, and innovative packaging is all in place.

Rubberit is currently incubating and open for business.  Their brand opens a universe of new businesses and strategic branding opportunities, and a chance to help codify what’s good.

Rubbertit on Facebook / Twitter / AngelList


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