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Codifying What’s Good: My Video Tour Through i Village Gate / @Expotech2012

The third floor of the Ramallah Convention Center, Expotech 2012 featured an entire section of startups, innovations, and big ideas from university students from all over Palestine.

In the tour, you’ll see core ideas, companies in the making, and in some cases, real companies that are generating revenue for the founders.   You also see something that’s global, that has no geographic boundaries, political or religious differences, and embrace the idea of risk tasking.

The companies aside, there’s something more profound here going on.  It’s not really about the “companies,” but the students that I met.  They all had a positive and forward thinking attitude.  They all were focused on their education, their careers and making making their country a better place – and an open marketplace for the world to tap into this wonderful energy.

I used the term codifying in my headline by design:  building, entrepreneurship and story telling is very much part of their DNA.  It’s something they’ve been doing for thousands of years.

What’s different here, is that access to the global Internet, is the great enabler, based on the layer of their humanity.



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