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Client, Denim Group, Connects with White Hat Security To Offer Free Webinar — Vulnerable Applications –Why Do They Take So Long To Fix?

Client, Denim Group, invites security related journalists, bloggers and industry analysts to listen in on a conversation between two leading website risk management experts
who will address the issue of enterprise software applications remediation.

Thursday, June 11, 2 PM EST,
Jeremiah Grossman, Founder and CTO of
WhiteHat Security, will provide
background on this vexing problem and will share the results of WhiteHat's
ongoing efforts to quantify the remediation time frames

  •     Why can it take
    organizations longer than three months to fix Web applications that have the
    most serious vulnerabilities?  


  •     What are the most common
    excuses that developers use to push out the remediation of vulnerabilities
    identified during a comprehensive assessment process?

will also interview our client, Dan Cornell, Principal at Denim Group, who
works with clients to develop remediation strategies that drastically decrease
the time that vulnerabilities exist in fielded applications.  

will detail what works and doesn't work, how to counter common objections to
fixing issues, and how best to implement a comprehensive application
remediation strategy for your most critical applications.

Register, Log on Here.
  If you are
unable to make the call, we hope you will keep Dan Cornell, and the team at
Denim Group in mind as an expert source in all phases of application security.

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