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Chris Brogan Works at Coffee Shops….I Work at Apple Stores

I got this idea from a post by Chris Brogan, who talks about why and how he works at coffee shops. When I am in town, I generally work at my office and at home.

When I travel, I like to work at Apple Stores. Photo_16

Right now, it’s Saturday and I am in Dallas seeing my girlfriend and my family who also lives here.  (I live in San Antonio). 

My girlfriend has wireless at the house.   I also have a client here in town and after our meetings, I can hang out and use a private office if I wish.

But today is Saturday. 

My girlfiend is doing some family stuff and I am doing this post from the Apple Store at NorthPark. 

They are always very nice an accomodating and don’t mind if I just grab a stool, get on the network and spend an hour or so cranking out a few things that I am working on.  I will go for a walk in the mall, see what’s new (NorthPark, in my opinion is the best mall in the U.S. – even better than Tyson’s Corner in Northern Va.).

Sometimes I just save up questions on small stuff I am still trying to learn or get better at on my MacBoook Pro, so I sort of kill two birds with one stone.

So Chris, yes, I love coffee shops and coffee, but when you travel and need a place to chill, try an Apple store.  Oh- and the background music is not too loud and much better than the stuff they play at Starbucks.

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  1. Apple stores aren’t a bad idea. Thanks for the idea. So… I can just mosey in and work there?


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