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Chris Brogan Launches Dad-o-Matic

Blogger pal and Social Media guru extraordinaire, Chris Brogan, has launched yet another blog, Dad-o-Matic.  (Memo to Chris:  when do you have the time to do this?)

As a geeky Dad, I feel so good that finally, I have a community that I can read about and participate in with like minded geeky or maybe not totally geeky Dads who love their kids, but realize that we gotta have a life, put food on the table, and be their for our kids.

Me?  I got two big kids- 21 and 16.  The 21 is in Austin going to school and the 16 year old is a junior in high school.

I’m just now starting to scan the content and will make it part of my daily reading gig.

Are you a Dad-o-Matic?  If so, come join in.

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