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Chris Brogan Blogs About Client, BlogCatalog

Blogger buddy and genuinely nice person, Chris Brogan, has written a thought provoking post on client, BlogCatalog.

Chris claims that he did not "know" any of the bloggers in BlogCatalog. 

I would not expect him to.

Chris has genuine rock star status in the world of blogging and social media.   

BlogCatalog is not for someone like him, but certainly welcome – and he is registered.

BlogCatalog is for mainstream bloggers. Call it the middle of the long tail for the blogosphere.

As media company, think of BlogCatalog being more akin to "Time Magazine" or "Reader’s Digest," vs. something like "The New Yorker," "Vanity Fair" or the "Paris Review."

What was most telling and helpful about Chris’ post were the mostly very positive comments which you can read here

All this aside, make Chris’ blog part of your daily reading routine. It’s part of mine and there’s always a good snippet of info and insights.

Highly Recommended

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