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Chasing Echos

Just as the invention of photography revolutionized the way people could see the world, today another revolutionary development is taking place:  it is now possible to take “acoustical photographs” to capture the sound of the world’s best-sounding spaces.  For example, you could hear exactly what you would sound like performing in the Sydney Opera House or Carnegie Hall without ever actually going there. 

Our client, Waves Ltd., the company behind this new technology, has a team of “echo chasers” who are now traveling to the world’s most famous historical sites and concert halls to gather these sound samples, which are now available for free to the public.  People can use these samples to hear their CDs played from a variety of famous venues, recording studios are using them to make it sound as if their artists are performing there, and the TV and film industries are using them when re-dubbing actors’ audio. In addition, these samples provide a valuable acoustical record to preserve the sound of historical venues and help architects during renovations.

We are in the process of pitching stories about these “echo chasers,” which relates amusing stories about the problems they encounter along the way and details how this technology works and how it will dramatically change the way people listen to music. 

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