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Tech Celeb Spotting at Central Market

Yes, I live in San Antonio.  No, this is not the high tech mecca of the world, but sure is a great place to live.   And one of the most important people in the tech universe lives here and shops at a grocery storeCmlogo_1 in our neighborhood that puts Zabar’s to shame:  Central Market.   

This afternoon I was standing in line and who did I see?  Ed Whitacre, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SBC.

We spoke for a few minutes about project LightSpeed,  a $4 billion capital initiative to build an advanced, IP-based network to deliver IP-based TV, super high-speed broadband and IP voice services by deploying fiber-to-the-neighborhood and fiber-to-the-premises technologies. SBC plans to reach 18 million households, as part of its initial deployment, by the end of 2007.

Note to Ed:  Read Om Malik’s Blog Entry on Telecom’s Death Spiral.  SBC is ahead of the curve in this prognostication, but it’s still a good read.

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