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Call For Entrepreneurs: 3 Day Startup Returns To San Antonio – Apply Now

I’ve been following the 3 Day Startup movement for several years, as it grows around the world.  

In February, I posted this story about 3 Day Startup Tel Aviv which was held March 14.   In November of 2010 I posted this story which was a recap of 3 Day Startup San Antonio from some of the judges.


A Call for Entrepreneurs:  3 Day Startup San Antonio

Housed again at Geekdom in San Antonio the weekend of April 27-29th, the 3 Day Startup process provides an opportunity for you to hone your skills, meet potential partners, pitch an idea to a panel of potential investors, release a prototype, and build enough momentum to sustain a startup company outside the event.

Who Is It For?

The idea of 3 Day Startup is simple: start a company over the course of three days.  Students, young professionals and working professionals who are looking to start a side project or leave their day job all together should consider applying and being part of the 3 Day Startup process.  

Maybe you’ve retired and thinking of taking advantage of your experience and insights into the realities of business?  

Join in. 

Not Just For Coders and Nerds

If you are willing to commit to a weekend, come with an open mind, you’ll meet and connect with people from all backgrounds and with all interests – business, computer science, film-making, engineering, neuroscience, graphic art, design, law, music, etc – and provide guidance through the early stages of the startup experience.

Over one intense weekend, 3DS participants brainstorm ideas, conduct market validation, devise business models, build prototypes, and pitch to investors and successful entrepreneurs. The result is an experience that challenges participants to actually innovate, build and launch a company.  

The Magic of the 3 Day Startup Experience

Come with an idea for a company.  

Or not.  

Or maybe the company you have in your brain never happens because you meet with with another team that you just like a whole lot and whose company idea you think is awesome.

Just come with an open mind, your brain, and leave your ego at the door.

You just might meet a totally random stranger who might become your business partner, help you in ways you never expected, and even change your life.   

Yes, this stuff really does happen.

How To Apply

Just log on here and apply online.  The application deadline is April 18.



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