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Call For Clients: Disrupting the Systems Integrator Model

Today, I am trying a bit of an experiment in this post, by issuing something I call a “ Call For Clients.” 


Mr. Integrator, Break Down These Walls.  Photo shot by me in Moscow.

Much like a “Call for Speakers,” at an industry conference or event, I am  doing likewise, but with a specific type of prospective client in mind.

So Here Goes….

I am looking to help a Systems Integrator, anywhere in the world, in areas of PR, Social and Content based on the hard cold reality that hardware is basically a commodity.  Even if you are doing traditional integration, with multiple vendors, you’re still selling a commodity that can be shopped and priced anywhere. 

Selling “solutions” is a well intended offer, but overused, oversold and often times results in a series of miscommunication, turf-building, and culture wars.

The real opportunities in the systems integration model are two-fold: 

 A.  The opportunity to earn thought leadership with real world story telling.

B.  Turning your Sales Engineers into rock stars by helping them build their personal brands.

Disrupt Before You Get Disrupted

This is a market space that is over-crowded with the same messages, facing commodity pricing and from what I have observed, not so great advsiory services with good margin.

If you want to explore standing apart, reach out to me:  alan at weinkrantz dot com.



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