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Buy My Client, Promisec’s Product! (Here’s Why)

This is an open post to anyone, anywhere on the planet who runs any type of computer network. Picture_2

In other words, regardless if you are small or medium business, or one of the world’s largest enterprises, you need client, Promisec’s Spectator Professional™ —  the only clientless internal threat management solution.

What makes Promisec’s product unique is that it’s an on-demand tool that includes its own remote clientless remediation and uses both a black list and a white list to perform its inspection of endpoints and servers.

Promisec’s technology will help you:

  • address internal threats quickly and efficiently, inspecting 1,000 machines in less than 6 minutes
  • minimize risks inside your network while at the same time enforce compliance

Promisec Spectator Professional gives you a rich database of potentially harmful objects (black list) to inspect for and the ability to create a baseline (white list) of everything that should be on each workstation in each department in the company.

This dual methodology offer comprehensive visibility to user’s activity on network endpoints and servers without affecting the privacy rights.

It also gives a company complete control over the use of corporate equipment and allows the company to enforce compliance on even the most roguish users.

So log on to Promisec’s web site and request a demo here.

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