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BusinessWire’s ExpertSource Can Help Reinforce Thought Leadership

If you are a BusinessWire customer, they have a wonderful (and free) tool known as ExpertSource, that you can use to garner media coverage.  BusinessWire’s super team in San Antonio helped with providing us with the following information:

You can register as many people as you wish for as many areas of expertise as you choose. You’ll create a profile for each expert, and down below are attached examples for your review.

You can also submit an appropriate advisory idea for national distribution that just so happens to include one of your registered sources. Of course it needs to be of genuine news interest.

To register experts within the ExpertSource database, simply login to with your email address and password that you activated in Business Wire Connect.  Next, click on the ExpertSource link and follow the directions from there. 

When you submit an advisory idea through ExpertSource, BusinessWire will do their best to run a corresponding media advisory that uses your expert and two other experts from the database.

You may download an example Advisory by clicking below:

Download expertsource_advisory_example.doc

You may download a sample ExpertSource Profile by clicking below:

Download ExpertSourceProfileSamples.DOC

Tips for Submitting Advisories Via ExpertSource

1. The expert must be registered in ExpertSource before the advisory is submitted.

2. You must submit the URL of a recent news article (something within the past month) to base the advisory on. Submissions based on press releases are rejected.

3. We try not to focus on the same topic or expert more than once per month so that journalists will see the variety and depth of our database.

If BusinessWire selects your submission, it will be distributed for no charge to their National media list.

Highly Recommended

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