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Book Review: “The Resilient Leader” By Winslow Swart – @OrgDevSensei

As I travel, attend trade shows and industry conferences, I often get a chance to meet the authors whose books I review. In this case, I’ve known author and management consultant, Winslow Swart for a little over 15 years. Winslow is a friend, but from a far, I’ve seen him work with NBA superstars and corporate executives work through the ups and downs of economic change.

Winslow’s approach is to take what he’s learned in being a leader and organizational Sensei who has mastered several martial arts in the dojos of Japan, offering his consulting expertise through Winslow Consulting.

In his new bookThe Resilient Leader, Winslow shares those same insights, helping you draw forth increased levels of focus and resolve, transform obstacles into opportunities, and become the calm in the eye of the storm.

The Resilient Leader distills the core ideologies of the eastern martial arts disciplines into an effective curriculum for developing leadership capabilities and increasing human performance.

This is the perfect book for the perform storm we’re in.


  1. Going to check out that book. Great interview!

  2. Going to check out that book. Great interview!


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