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Book Review: “The New Launch Plan” by @JoanSchneider and @juliehallboston – Way Overstates the Obvious….

This book review will more than likely get some hate-mail or perhaps some comments about what I have to say about “The New Launch Plan,” by Joan Schneider and Julie Hall.

In providing what the authors call “152 Tips, Tacts and Trends from the Most Memorable New Products,” this book suffers from a major case of over-stating the obvious.
My suggestion is to use common sense, have a clear message, and without knowing your budget, manage expectations.

This in itself states the obvious, but you don’t need to write and buy a book to figure this out.

Buy Cluetrain Manifesto instead. Written ten years ago and still very applicable, there’s more snippets and wisdom there.

In all fairness to the authors, here’s their pitch….

Your take?

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