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Book Review: “Shipping Greatness” by Chris Vander May @ShippingChris

In Shipping Greatness, Chris Vander Mey brings a methodical approach to shipping software.

While his experience may have been what he learned at Google and Amazon, there’s a great deal you can learn from his narrative in helping you frame a strategy that will help you in your startup as you  build, launch and ship great software.

The book aside, there is some terrific content you can discover where you can look at a sample revenue model, project feedback form and many others.

Follow and connect with Chris on his social profiles: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

If I had one suggestion, and of course, I am sort of biased here, I would like to see next edition go beyond just shipping in the literal sense, but also more recommendations on media relations, blogger outreach and building community.

That notwithstanding, Shipping Greatness should be on your team’s reading list.

After buying the book, assign a team member to read his blog to keep up with and contribute to his community.

Get it here on Amazon.  Highly Recommended.

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