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Book Review: “Running Lean” By @ashmaurya – A Playbook For Startups

No matter how many mentors, Angels, and consultants you have cheering you on in the process of trying to figure out how to take your startup’s team’s big idea and bringing it to market, you still need some type of general framework to guide you along in the process.   

That’s what author, Ash Maurya, delivers in O’Reilly Publishing’s Lean Series,“Running Lean.”


Running Lean:  Great reading material for air travel.  Read and re-read as you reiterate.

By its title, I kept thinking of a long distance runner navigating through a jungle of uncertainty, surprises, and even evil creatures (yes, we have them in the startup world) who could eat you for startup-lunch, or throw you off the course of reaching your goal of getting to market.

Maurya does not lecture from the classroom with bullshit theory.   His stuff is real, easy to read and very methodical. Much of the book is based on his own experiences in creating his own startup.

He artfully took his experience and put into a framework that brings discipline and routine to a world that is largely uncertain, unforgiving, and recognizes that being lucky is really ok.

You’d be wise to read and re-read this book two to three times a year as a group exercise, taking stock of where you are, fine tuning your Lean Canvas and increasing your team’s chances of success.

While aimed at startups, corporate America (are you listening?) would be wise to embrace Maurya’s principles and methodologies as they re-tool existing business units or are in the process of creating new ones.

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  1. Another book to my reading list!


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