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Book Review: Jeff Hayzlett’s | “The Mirror Test”

It’s one thing to read a great book like “The Mirror Test- Is Your Business Really Breathing,” but it’s another to read the book and have a chance to know the author.


I’ve had a chance to get to know Jeff Hayzlett and his amazing marketing team from Kodak at the #140Conf events in New York, LA, London and just recently, again in New York.  Jeff gets social media big time.  Read this interview with Jeff on eConsultancy.

You may know Jeff as being the CMO at Kodak, or seen him on the red carpet at the Academy Awards or on Celebrity Apprentice.  But that’s not where the book has its heart and soul.  Jeff talks about his business and life experiences in places like a print shop or running the food service back in his home state of South Dakota.

Order the book (see above)  and while you’re waiting for it to arrive, search for Jeff’s various videos on YouTube.  Watch and listen to them. Get Jeff’s enthusiasm in his voice, and when you book lands, read the book as if Jeff was personally reading it to you.

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Highly Recommended.  And he’s a nice guy with a great pair of boots.

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