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Book Review: “Goodbye Gordon Gekko” by Anthony Scaramucci

My friend and PR Wizzard, Imal Wagner, who also handles leading authors called me to see if I would take a look at a book entitled “Goodbye Gordon Gekko,” by investment banker, Anthony Scaramucci, a leading global alternative investment firm founder with $5.6 billion in assets under management. He’s also on twitter. Having remembered the movie, “Wall Street,” starring Michael Douglas who played the role of the person by the same name, I told her this really was not a fit for what I do in PR and Social Media. Trusting her judgement, I told her to send me the book, and I’d take a look, but with no guarantees, since I really try to stay focused on the books that I read and review for this blog.

In her infinite wisdom, Imal was right. This book is about finding your fortune and leading a profitable life. Scaramucci takes the position that you cannot financially or professionally success unless you instill positive habits in your life and stay true to yourself. This book is as much philosophical as it is topical and practical. It is also interesting to note that Scaramucci was a technical advisor on the upcoming sequel to the soon to be released “Wall Street.”

Worth reading, highly recommended and thank you, Imal!

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