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Blogging in Two Languages; Two Alphabets

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming story for nrg Ma’ariv, the online edition of  Israel’s evening newspaper for my upcoming seminar on April 4 in Tel Aviv on Corporate Blogging.

After the interview, Ido Kenan, who is the Digital Culture reporter for the site began to talk about the blogging scene in Israel. I then asked the following question:  "do you blog in Hebrew to speak to your local audience, or do you blog in English?"

As it turns out Ido has two blogs, in two languages, in two alphabets.

The one in Hebrew,, focuses on news, views and events in Israeli digital culture, the Internet and of course, blogging.  The one in English, has much of the same content, and is more oriented towards an international market who would have an interest in snippets of the Israeli tech scene. 

One recent post, demonstrates how Google’s spell checker in Hebrew, does not know how to spell "Google" in Hebrew.  It’s insights like this that makes Ido’s blog worth reading.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz © 2006


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