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Blogging is Self Actualizing Your Startup’s Vision

Try this:  start writing blog posts as if you were already a really big deal in your space, or the space that does not exisit and you inten to own.


Your startup’s blog sets the stage to help build trust, thought leadership and owning the space you’re in, or helping to create.  Photo by me shot in Kansas City.

I don’t suggest you post these.  

Just create a post and save it for future use.  

You may or not be able to use the exact words or terms as your startup evolves, but you will benefit in one major way:  when you write down what your vision is, often times it can become a self-actualization process.

The more you write this out, the better you get at this.  

It’s like any thing that you do over and over.  You’ll catch your writing’s sea legs.  

Don’t Over Complicate It.

Write as you speak.  

Simple, plain wording that explains what you are doing, where you are headed and why you’re the platform to bet on.

You never know who’s watching and listening to your voice before they decide to partner, invest, buy, or acquire.


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