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BlogCatalog Launches New Politcial Blogger Channel

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day today, client, BlogCatalog, is announcing the launch of its new Political Blogger Channel.

With the Democratic and Republican  convention  on the horizon, BlogCatalog will serve as a barometer of what is on the minds of mainstream bloggers as we elect our next President.

The BlogCatalog Political Channel is a place where bloggers can have their political voices heard, engage in the political debate, increase their blog’s exposure and participate in a lively discussion about the US election or any other political topic of interest.

Highlights of the Political Blogger Channel Include:

  • An Exclusive Political Discussion Area

Just like the BlogCatalog main discussions, the Political Discussions are designed to be a place where conversation can flow freely and bloggers can engage one another in political discussion.

Come join in on the political discussion at

  • Political Posts Highlighted

We know that many of your posts don’t get the exposure they deserve. The political channel is designed to highlight your latest political posts and make it really easy for anyone to browse and search all political posts.

To view some of the latest political posts visit

  • Political Search

Do you really want to know what bloggers are talking about? BlogCatalog’s Political Social Search results give you a insider’s view into what BlogCatalog bloggers are saying, about the election and other hot political topics, across a large number of social networks including on twitter, digg and stumbleupon, their blogs and the BlogCatalog discussions.

For some fascinating political insights do a search

  • Political Groups

BlogCatalog has made it even easier than before to join or create a political group. Political groups are highly focused, mini-discussion areas designed for you to connect at a closer level with other politically minded bloggers or simply read what politically minded bloggers are saying about more specific issues and parties.

To join a group or browse the political groups visit

  • Political Bloggers

If you are a political blogger you may want to login to your BlogCatalog account and review the category in which your blog is placed as we have added a number of new political subcategories to the blog directory.

To view the new categories visit

With all the excitement and emotion surrounding the 2008 Election, political blogging, and the many hot political issues around the globe, we hope that the political channel becomes a place where bloggers can engage in passionate, informative dialog that promotes the vital importance of freedom of expression.

BlogCatalog is here to improve the political channel and all parts of BlogCatalog for you. So, please visit the Political Channel at and feel free to share your feedback, ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the site.

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