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BlogCatalog – A Community of Conversations- The Lingua Franca of the Blogosphere

‘m a huge believer in the power of Technorati and Google Blog Search

I use both as a benchmark to see where my business and my clients get covered.

It’s also a great benchmark to understand what conversations are taking place, and what’s on blogger’s minds.

Now, enter BlogCatalog. 

Their position is that of being the premiere social blog directory on the Internet. Whether you’re looking to promote your own blog, find blogs on various topics, or connect with other bloggers, they’ve developed a very elegant and easy to navigate site.

But unlike Technorati and GoogleBlog search, by its intent, BlogCatalog is a community of bloggers.  At first glance, I thought I could find like minded bloggers who have an interest in technology, PR, marketing, communications and new media. 

Yup- they are there.  But in the process of digging around the catalog, I started finding myself jumping over to other blogs-  particularly political ones that are not necessarily relevant to my business.

Of late, I am interested in politics and of course, the new presidential election cycle that will be on everyone’s mind now, through November.  Yes, I do read Huffington Post and Politico, but here on BlogCatalog, I find more grassroots and more mainstream political viewpoints.

I may not agree with what’s on people’s minds in the vein of the written word, but that’s not the point or why I am digging into and figuring out BlogCatalog. 

Aside from its community building focus, BlogCatalog is a good barometer for indexing and tuning into the lingua franca of the written word- in the language of the blogosphere.

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