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How to increase your chances of getting lucky with meetings and asks…

Not a rant; just a suggestion.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing when I am  in Israel and the very informal way of getting stuff done….

When you reach out to someone to “have coffee,” it really helps to explain why you want to meet.

If you are looking for an intro at a company, if you are trying to verify something for your startup, maybe you need some insight based on the person’s experience or body of work…. spell it out and just ask.

It reduces cycles, increases the chances of a meeting really happening, and actually helps the person asking to make sure they are connecting with someone who can help you.

Oh…. (and this is a rant): when someone uses terms like “seek cooperation” or “open to collaboration.” it’s code for something else.

I would rather you just tell me what you are looking for, and do so with clarity.

We are, by nature, helpful to each other.

It’s part of startup culture.

I seek help from peers, friends, and random people that I want to meet when I travel.

When I do the ask, I do so with specifics, and based on the research I do on the person I want to meet.

If you want to increase your chances of better and more qualified introductions, having an up to date body of work, a blog, and a well written LinkedIn profile really really really helps.


Photo by me. Shot somewhere at a deli in NYC.

IoT – Internet of Things Analyst / Advisor, James Brehm is joining me in Israel May 22 – 26.

I am returning to Israel again, and will be in the country May 16 – June 22. Part of the trip will be dedicated to exploring and connecting the dots in Israel’s IoT ecosystem.

James Brehm

James Brehm

Having worked with Israeli companies on massive industry standards and the teams who helped shape what became VoIP, IPTV, and Wi-Fi, I am of the belief that IoT will touch every significant part of StartupNation’s creative and innovation economy.

My goal is to figure this out and help this layer of the economy win – and win big time.

I am doing this in my role as a Senior Advisor and Brand Ambassador for James Brehm & Associates, one of the leading consultancies in the field.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the firm’s founder, James Brehm, will be coming to Israel May 22 – 26. We are setting up some terrific meetings with startups, VCs, service providers, carriers, industry organizations, R&D teams at universities, and government officials who are part of the IoT space.

I have known James for 20 years and have always admired his work and foresight in corporate roles in the technology space, and most recently with two consulting and advisory services firms.

James is a rock star in the U.S. You will see him on CNBC, speaking at major conferences and events, and is published in major industry media.

Two years ago, he formed his own firm, and now has a wonderful team of ten people of which I am an adjunct member of the firm.

When I returned to the U.S. from my engagement with Rackspace, I started to explore new ways where I could live and work part time in Israel while still maintaining my home and ties with my friends and family in the U.S. James and I caught up and started to explore the idea of becoming aligned with a common vision—and now, we’re moving forward.

We have some incredible clients that include the likes of communications services providers, hardware manufacturers, software vendors, OTMs and OTMs, private equity firms, VC firms, and investment bankers.

If you are creating and building the future, or just want to learn about how your company could leap forward by looking at how IoT could add value in what you are doing, let me know.

On a personal note, this will mark my 54th time to Israel. Yes, I keep track. Having done this back and forth thing, for what is going on 23 years, I feel so blessed to be part of the what is on the horizon and a little further ahead.

I am posting this story in case I have missed someone who we should meet; you can share this post or message me / email me – with a suggested introduction.

Maybe we can help you in some way.


Looking to connect with Israel’s IoT Ecosystem….

I am now starting my second month into my role as an adjunct member of the team at James Brehm & Associates, one of the leading IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and consulting firms.

Infographic via Innovation Endeavors

Infographic via Innovation Endeavors

While I am serving as a Senior Advisor and Brand Ambassador, as with anything I generally take on, I usually spend the initial part of something new with listening and reading.

I sit in on meetings. I read my daily Google Alerts focused on IoT, have attended two client meetings, and spending time with the core team that is based in San Antonio. I learn mostly by reading, looking for patterns, and following the journalists who are covering the space.

With my heading to Israel from May 16 to June 22, part of my mission for the trip will be to explore the IoT space, with a focus on security. I will be looking to meet with companies who are part of the ecosystem and contribute to our firm’s blog.

I love, love, love, massive platform shifts.

If you go to my own site, you can see some of my background in platforms, including VoIP, WiFi and IPTV. It’s always easy to look back in time and be grateful for these opportunities which came my way through a bit of luck, hard work, and timing. Every time I do this, I do it with an open mind and giant set of ears.

Even though I have been doing what I do for 35 years, I never assume anything, and I never think I know more than anyone. What I do know is that if I stay quiet, listen, observe, read, ask lots of questions, and look for patterns, things tend to unfold before me.

I am big on discovery in working with clients.

I do the same with me.

Most of the things I have worked on did not exist.

That’s where being part of helping to advance the future is so exciting and personally rewarding to me.

If you are reading this, and you happen to be part of the IoT ecosystem, I would love to hear from you.

And if you are in Israel, let’s meet, when I’m there, and let’s help advance the future.



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