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Beyond PR: Leveraging Microsoft’s PR Machine

With our client Wave’s, announcement of their new plug-in for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 10, I took a treck over to the Microsoft booth and found the product managers for the product.  I told them about what our client was doing, their leadership in pro-audio and how we we taking some of the technology down to a consumer level and they got excited.  They agreed to come to our booth for a demo, which they did.

They encourage third-party developers to promote new add ons to products like Windows Media Player and we’ll be sending them an evaluation of the prodcut for their review.  While I am not at liberty to elaborate on the details of how they have offered to support us in our outreach to the Windows Media Player community, I can publicly state that their product managers that we met with were very pro-active in wanting to help us on getting the word out about this new product.

Working with, and through companies like Microsoft in your media outreach program, is something to consider if you have a product that enhances the capability of a Microsoft product or platform.

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