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Best Content Strategy Articles To Help You Plan for 2013

Happy 2013.  Time to get your content development mojo on.

I spent the Holidays digging and searching for what I thought were the best of the best articles on content and story telling.

This is where I’m headed with current – and new clients.

Put A Content Engine Inside Your Company – by Steve Rubel


2013 Trends:  Backstorytelling – by Rohit Bhargava

Brands Confront Sticky Editorial Decisions – by Giselle Abramovitch

A Trend Few Are Discussing:  Brands As Media Companies – by Jay Babegger

Substance Is Viral:  The Rise of High Value Digital Journalism and Storytelling – by Jim Bankoff

10 Brands Will Win With Content Marketing in 2013 by Shafqat Islam

Bonus Content

Managing Startups:  Best Posts of 2012 via Tom Eisneman, Harvard Business School

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