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Best Content Aggregator Ever – Meet @RebelMouse

Rebel Mouse is, absolutely, positively, the best way to aggregate all of your content and publish your social communications brand.  Be it for personal, school, business, or everything in between, this platform really takes things up a few notches.


More Than Just Content Aggregation

I rarely go gaga over new stuff, but in this case, I am cerifiably nuts about the way my conent is discovered, layed out and discoverable.   I’m also discovering new and interesting people to follow.  

Because the service just launched, there’s a high quality of influencers, journalists, techie types and just people I admire their form of expression that are here.

Over the weekend, I was shooting video and photos on my iPhone and a professional Nikon D7000 during the our PBS affiliate, KLRN’s annual auction, followed by Saturday and Sunday at Geekdom where a Robotic Challenge was being held for 8th graders in San Antonio.  

The iPhone was a way to get some immediate content up and the Nikon will be used for a broadened story I will do on my blog.  I use an 18-200 and a 10-20 wide angle lens.  Those are what I hope to be seen as my better photos and tend to go on my Flickr site.  The Instagram photos go on my Instacanvas Site.

The iPhone Camera as Reverse Flashlight

The next time you shoot a photo with your iPhone, pretend you are holding a flashlight – but in reverse.  

When you hold a flashlight and depending on what conditions you are in, the light can do fun and interesting things.  Now think in reverse, and think of the light coming into your iPhone as you hold it below you, at your side, from on top of an object, etc.  Now that I have brought Instagram into the mix, my photos are better and hopefully more interesting to you.  

I see the iPhone camera as being a super light, super small fixed lens, that I learned to use on my Nikon.  The lens in the iPhone is particularly sensitivity to light and thinking of the iPhone as a reverse flashlight, you can really capture some great images.

As my content and social communications on Twitter and Facebook was being broadcasted out, I started to see my new RebelMouse page come alive.

Because the page looks more like a media site, I realized that it was reflection of my current state of mind, what I was experiencing, and what I have chosen to share.   Maybe it was a great photo opp, something I wanted to share on Facebook or send a tweet out to the universe with the faith that its digital raindrops will land in the right place. 

Stacks of Stories

In the horizonal stack of content of what I produce on a daily basis I now realize that this form of communication leaves what Jeff Pulver refers to a “digital breadcrumbs.”  

Some of what I do is for fun, some for work and clients, some with friends & family, although much of what I do professional is reflected in all of this stream of real time content. 

We all use social communications and engagement differently and for different reasons.   

Regardless of how you do this, make sure you’re aware of the trail you’re leaving behind, how it reflects on you and your startup, and what you want to attain from the time and energy you invest in doing this.

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Yeah, it’s really good.

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