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Berlin-based VC firm, XLHEALTH, looking to connect with Israel’s Digital Health startup ecosystem

Min-Sung Sean Kim and I have crossed paths in Berlin and Tel Aviv on multiple times. In his role as Partner with Berlin-based XLHEALTH, he’s on the lookout for Israeli-based Digital Health startups.


In the last year, they have looked at over 1,700 startups, and invested in five. As a rule, they invest anywhere between €500,000 to €5,000,000. Beyond the investment they make, XLHEALTH can bring you access to more than 400,000 clinics, GPs and pharmacists throughout Europe.

Min-Sung is excited about Israeli chutzbah, the programs and initial funding from the OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist) and good old-fashioned Israeli hustle.

If you have something that should be on Min-Sung’s radar, he prefers warm introductions; and you can also reach out to:

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