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Being Interviewed Does Not Always Result in Coverage. And That’s Not A Bad Thing

I am usually up at 5:30 or 6:00 AM every morning to check overseas email from Israel. 

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a major U.S. daily newspaper with a bureau in Israel asking for my insight on Israel’s technology sector and if it was being affected by the current war and events in the Middle East.

When I am interviewed, I treat myself as a client and remind myself of the following:  yes, it’s nice to get the coverage, but you are better off, in the long run to help the journalist first in getting his job done. 

If he uses me as a quoted source, then great.  If not, it’s really ok, because it helps me further establish a relationship into the future.

We’ve had one client who has had multiple conversations with two major business dailies– none of which resulted in coverage.  The client is not thrilled about this, but we are.  It’s sometimes hard to explain to a client who is paying us good money the hows and whys of this process. 

We know that being a source, and even at times a background source without being quoted pays off. 

My advice:  always work to helping the journalist first. Get them the sources they need, even if it means they pass on covering you, your client, your company, your CEO.

I know this is a bit contrarian thinking, but it really works and pays off in the long run.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz shot on location somewhere on Chicago’s Miricle Mile on Michigan Avenue (c) 2005


  1. This is sage advice! When I worked as a magazine journalist, I couldn’t always use all the info/people I had gathered during my research. But I did remember who was helpful and I’d go back to them at some point. If a source were to complain about not “getting covered,” I would not use him again.
    The key is to build a relationship.

  2. I agree with you and Donna.
    I’ll go back to the people who are helpful.


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