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Being Human – Day #6 – Do you play a musical instrument? Jam with your co-workers after (or during) work

Ever since I started doing Twitter Jam Bands at my home with friends and people I get to work with, I’ve learned something new: there’s a whole other side to them when you communicate via music.


It’s not only a ton of fun, it’s a great way to show that there’s a whole other side of you that goes beyond your office / cubicle or remote office.

Ask your co-workers: “do you play a musical instrument?” They don’t have to be professionals, or for that matter very good. What matters is that you’re human and you show the human side of you and your ability to communicate with each other through the gift of music.

This does not have to be a company sanctioned event. Put a jam band together with your co-workers and see what happens next.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz – My drums. Since 1967. The real deal. (c) 2009 

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