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Being Human Day #5 – Instead of “Casual Friday” how about “Content Creation Monday?”

I have an idea that could help make your company, organization or government agency a bit more human.

How about the creation of “Content Creation Monday?”


The idea is this:  on the first Monday of each month, anyone can submit anything they want in the form of any type of content that would help contribute to the value of the organization’s communications goals.

Contributions could be moderated by the company’s Marketing Communications department, which would include some type of authorization by the contributor.

There’s no guarantees that the user’s work would be used, but consider this, if you will the equivalent of what used to be the company suggestion box.  

– Maybe someone can submit a simple video on how to fix something, or improve a process.
– How about a photo essay that illustrates your work group doing cool and meaningful things in your community.
– What about a blog post that is not in your area of expertise, but given some type of insight that you might have, would help benefit a customer, a partner, or reseller.
– Submit a video on Skype showing how you could work from home, deliver great service, save money on commuting and maybe reduce your carbon footprint at the office.

Not everything submitted will stick, but maybe- just maybe you’ll find a gem of a suggestion that could transform the way things are done or get done.

Once a month.  
Give it a try.  
Start small. 
Grow something big.

Photo shot on location at the #140Conf / London by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2009

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