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Being Human Day #3 – Stop Using Actors and Models and Use Real Team Members to Give Your Company a Voice

This post will probably get me in trouble, but unless you’re doing elements of comedy that require a professional actor, or you need a stunt man, if you’re using actors and models in your collateral or web site, ban them from your company.

The best person to sell and talk about your company, your organization or your government agency are the people who actually work there and do the work.  

The CEO?  

Hell no. 

Get the people that will actually interface with your publics and let them have a voice.  Here’s one of my clients -a store manager at a Pocket Wireless outlet in Corpus Christi, Texas talking about the benefits of his company over the competition.


A good place to start?  

Get a YouTube channel, do a practice run at telling your story – and don’t use a script. 

Tell what you feel. 

Be real

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