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Being Human Day #2 – Let Unofficial Company Spokespeople “Speak”

Within the context of a few rules like “Don’t be stupid, ” or “Don’t say stupid things on record,” I would like to see more companies be more human by letting their employees have a real voice in helping to defining a company’s brand in the world of the social web. Start small. Start with a few volunteers. Identify people who would like to share their voice.

You might even get a germ of an idea for new content from someone not on the marketing communications side of your organization. Give your team members a voice and a venue to share their passion for the company, organization or government agency they make work for.

Let them get real and help them help your communications strategies in being more human.


  1. Anything for Day 3?

  2. Anything for Day 3?

  3. Just posted….

  4. Just posted….


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