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Being Human – Day #1: Write like you speak

In today’s column in the San Antonio “Express-News,” I talk about being more real and being human in the way you approach your work. 

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself, in a company, an organization, or a government agency.  Through the month of December, I am going to have a daily post about about more human in the way you deliver your message to your publics.

Suggestion #1:  Write like you speak.

I actually learned to do this in 1970, thanks to a Jesuit Priest, who was my High School teacher in my junior year at Bellarmine College Preparatory.  I did not quite get it at first, but I started to listen to what he said and applied his recommendation.  

Stop the corporate speak for the next 30 days, write like you speak-  and give it a spin.  


  1. Alan, seriously, for real?You will write your client’s press releases leaving out the phony quotes from executives — because you know that he/she never uttered those words, and frankly can’t explain what’s truly “newsworthy” about their release 🙂

  2. David,This has nothing to do with press releases- something I not only believe in, but still do on behalf of clients.They are totally different initiatives.


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