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Before You Pitch a Meeting at an Industry Tradeshow, Do Your Homework….

Tradeshow season is now in full swing. 

It would serve the PR professionals, their clients and the media/analyst community to make custom pitches to the media or industry analyst that are only relevant to their client’s market.

1. Before you pitch, read and research the articles and industry reports the reporter or analyst has written. That gives you an insight into what they have written, what they perceive, and how your client’s product or technology can add value to the editorial fabric of their publication.

2. Aside from your announcement itself, explain why the announcement matters and how it helps grow the the market the tradeshow supports.

3. Look to not just an announcement, but an application story. Cool technology is one thing; applying it and having a customer is another.

4. Set your clients’ expectations.

5. Have fun.

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