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Bad and Stupid Pitch: eSwarm offers me money to blog / tweet about it. I don’t think so….

Here’s a real email I just received from the Director of Media Relations at a company called eSwarm.  No, I did not doctor this up.  She did the right thing by paying attention to the fact that I write about PR and Social Media.  But when I saw her offer to actually pay me to write about it, I was pretty amazed.  I thought of continuing the conversation to ask how much they would actually pay me, but I decided not to go there.  If you are going to pitch me on something really cool, I am happy to take a look.  But if you offer me a mordita to cover you is just plain old dumb.

See below….
Begin forwarded message:

From: “Jennifer Dwyer” <>
Date: August 27, 2009 3:56:47 AM CDT
Subject: Blog Post

Hi Alan,

After seeing that you heavily write on topics related to tech in PR and social media, you should check out our new site  If you like it, we’ll pay you to talk about it (blog or tweet) and use it.

Hope you enjoy our new site!

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Dwyer
Director of Media Relations

Conversations that Matter! – To You

eSwarm Inc
2955 Valmont Road, Suite 310
Boulder, CO  80301

Phone: 303.449.0475

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