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AudioCodes Showcases Robust Portfolio of IMS-READY VoIP Media Gateways and Media Servers at GlobalComm 2006

This week at GlobalComm 2006, our client, AudioCodes, will be highlighting its IMS-READY VoIP Mediant(TM) media gateways, IPmedia(TM) media servers and MediaPack(TM) analog gateways that enable new IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) voice service over wireline, cellular, broadband wireless (WiFi and WiMAX), cable and other access networks.

Connecting disparate access networks into a common IP core network is not always easy as each access network brings its own vocoders and protocols. AudioCodes’ wealth of experience in working in VoIP-enabled wireline, cellular, wireless, cable, PSTN and enterprise networks positions AudioCodes to provide converged, intelligent, IMS-ready media gateways and media servers. AudioCodes’ media gateways and media servers are widely interoperable with a large range of wireline, wireless, cable and enterprise Control and Application Layer products, making the integration of these products into a "best-of-breed" network a much simpler task.

AudioCodes will be highlighting the following families of products:

Mediant(TM): Intelligent, converged IMS core network Media Gateways enabling connectivity of various access networks to the PSTN. The Mediant(TM) supports the variety of required IMS H.248 3GPP Mn packages and a large variety of vocoders and signaling variants associated with wireline, wireless, cable and broadband networks. In addition, the Mediant Gateways support 3GPP Voice Call Continuity (VCC) for Mobility Management and Fixed Mobile Convergence as well as Transcoding functionality to support Transcoding Gateway functions required between two IP networks.

IPmedia(TM): Intelligent, converged IMS core network Media Resource Function Platforms (MRFP) enabling IMS services, such as Audio and Video Conferencing, Messaging, Streaming, Gaming and Colored Ring Back Tones. The IPmedia(TM) media servers support a variety of vocoders and video codecs and IMS H.248 3GPP Mp packages, to address the variety of access IP networks the IMS core might serve. In addition, optional SIP media control package support allows for direct integration with IMS Application Servers for quick service introductions.

MediaPack(TM): Flexible, converged analog Media Gateways supporting 2-24 analog lines as well as 1-4 BRI lines with a variety of vocoders. Built-in SIP capabilities enable seamless integration of Customer Premise Equipment into the core network using TISPAN Mw interfaces, enabling simple and effective service provisioning at the network edge.

AudioCodes invites Service Providers and Network Equipment Providers to come to its booth at GlobalComm 2006 in Chicago on June 5-7, 2006 in Booth #53080, where AudioCodes will be showcasing its entire product line. Come pick up your copy of our IMS Application Note providing more information about our IMS solution.

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