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AudioCodes and Kineto Wireless Announce Interoperability and Multiple UMA Trials with Major Operators Collaboration Produces Best-of-Breed UMA Network Controller for Mobile/Wi-Fi Convergence

Our client, AudioCodes (NASDAQ:AUDC) and Kineto Wireless, Inc., have announced they have successfully completed interoperability testing between AudioCodes’ Mediant™ media gateways and Kineto Wireless’ IP-based UMA Network Controller (IP-UNC).

In addition, the companies announced their deployment of these products as part of ongoing fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) trials with several major European operators. 

This joint solution was validated by AudioCodes and Kineto to meet the demand from operators to deliver UMA-based FMC services to their customers.

The core component of Kineto’s mobile/Wi-Fi convergence solution is its IP-UNC, a carrier-class network element that integrates with a service provider’s existing voice (MSC) and data (SGSN) switching systems and uses standard interfaces to extend high-performance mobile services over IP access networks and WLANs.

The Kineto IP-UNC manages and secures all subscriber access to mobile, voice, data and IMS services from various WLAN locations, and facilitates automatic seamless roaming and handover between licensed radio access networks and WLANs.

AudioCodes’ Mediant media gateways interconnect the VoIP traffic received over IP from the cellular/WiFi-enabled handsets to existing GSM MSCs using standards-based signaling and control.  The AudioCodes gateway can also support GSM, UMTS and/or IMS networks, providing additional utility for operators as they evolve their networks over time.
The Mediant 8000, 5000 and 3000 media gateways make up the AudioCodes’ family of market-ready, standards-compliant converged media gateway products designed for the wireless, wireline and cable-carrier environments. 

The media gateways are able to scale up and scale down, providing customers a common solution to cost-effectively address the varying requirements of network deployments.   

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