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Ask And Ye Shall Receive…..:)

You only get a few times to ask…. photo by me shot on the streets of Tel Aviv..

When There’s An Ask.

Just Ask.

With Clarity.

And purpose.

This is a typical email I get from many Israeli startups:

“…would appreciate a chance to explore a collaboration between us as we’re trying to reach critical traction now to secure a seed round very soon…”

If I am getting this email, so are others.

I can’t help you unless you remove the friction and get clarity from the start.

When reaching out and there’s an ask…

  • Research the person you are reaching out to. (Sorry…I can’t help you with legal advise or helping you raise money.)
  • Be clear what your ask is. Saying your are looking to “collaborate” or “cooperate” do not mean anything.
  • Have a reasonable deadline. If you needed it yesterday, chances are I can’t help you:)
  • Propose an initial call. Meetings are not always needed. A call is easier, faster and we might be more done in 10 minutes that the time it takes you to travel from point A to point B to meet, do coffee, and figure out what you need to figure out.
  • If the call requires and in person meeting, then let’s meet.
  • Apply the relay affect. If I can’t help you with your ask, I may know someone who does. If you are clear, to the point, and succinct in your ask, that tell me something about you. It also helps me help you because I will feel more compelled to make an introduction.
  • Help me help you. Add clarity to your ask.

My mission for the Rackspace Startups program in Israel is to #BeHelpful.

How can I help you?

Just ask.

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