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Articulating (and Differentiating) The Firm’s Service Offerings in My Pitch Meeting Yesterday

Yesterday’s pitch meeting in Dallas went very well. 

I will only describe the candidate client as a professional services firm in an emerging and  disruptive industry.

Turns out I met with the Marcom manager and the VP of Operations. 

In meeting with them I wanted to establish my credibility, expertise and insights into the deregulation and disruption of telecom, for I saw many analogies in what they were doing and what I’ve been a part of and witnessed over the last 15 years.

While I can claim to be "creative," "insightful," and "strategic," these descriptors don’t serve my pitches well. 

Rather, I  focus on my pitch meetings on being about probing and asking tough questions that are focused on the prospective of the company’s business objectives and how we align them with communications goals.

While I don’t talk a lot of this, I am very much about discovery and figuring things out.

I remain an insatiably curious person who thrives on the struggle of listening and then hearing a snippet that strikes a chord where I think a message could possible resonate.

I am, of course, going to do a follow up, in hopes of another meeting.  I am going to let this rest another 24 hours and then decide on follow up strategy.  Meanwhile, I am going to send a quick email thanking them for their time and propose a follow up meeting.

I’d really like this account for me and the team.

They appear to be nice and very bright people (very important) and are doing something at the right place at the right time.

I firmly believe that a communications (and not just a PR) strategy will serve them well. 

And I thnk we’re the best fit.

Note – I am also aware that there is a certain risk I am taking in writing what I am writing today (and yesterday) for I assume (and hope) that the candidate client will be checking out this blog.

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