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Art For New Orleans Helps Raise Money for Katrina Victims

On Thursday, Lara August,
graphic designer extraordinare / entrepreneur and art gallery owner,
approached me with the idea of donating some of my photography that I
had taken during a trip to New Orleans in May.  The idea was that if
she could find other photographers who would donate their work, she
could open a web site and sell our work with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross’ efforts to help Katrina victims.

Art For New Orleans
is in its initial stages of being deployed and is functional.  We are
in discussions with a major eCommerce photo site who would help us
promote the efforts.  There are also two other photographers who have
agreed to assign the rights to their New Orleans / Mississippi related
photography and our goal is to have seven more.

I will be posting additional updates on this effort.  Your support
for this cause will help sustain and promote the culture of the region
and help with relief funds through the American Red Cross.

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